Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Some Q & A

 Q:   If, I place a reservation for a set amount of hours, but after pick-up I realize I require less time; will I be charged for the full  hours that I rented ? 

 A:  Yes, Hourly rates are billed the number of hours you ordered the vehicle for.

Q:  I want to cancel my service (non-airport) the same day I am to be picked up, will I be charged?

A:  Yes, If you book a limo service and decide to cancel on the day of the service (non-airport)... you will be charged a full rate.

Q: I want a stripper pole in my vehicle for my prom, my parents said its okay. Can I have one? 

A: No! We here at Ultimate Limousine adhear to professional and ethical standards and will not allow a dancing/"Stripper Poles" in prom vehicles.

Q:  My credit card was charged but I wanted to pay cash.

A:  We do not accept cash.

Q:   I booked a service and gave a deposit. Later, I decided to cancel the reservation. Can I get the deposit back?

A:   All deposits are non refundable.

Q: My friends trashed the limo, would I be held responsible for any damages done?

A: Yes! As the "Limousine Rentee" you are responsible for any damages and/or excessive messes that is left by the renting party. You (Billing Rentee) also will be charged for any damages, parts or any down time "Garage Time" of the vehicle.

Accuracy of your Reservation Information:
Accuracy of your information is essential to a successful and safe trip; It is You "The Client" Responsibility to insure that the information provided on YOUR reservation is accurate before the initial pickup. Our staff and Chauffeurs can only go by the information provided to us by “The Client”.    If there is an error on your reservation please contact our office at  Ultimate Limousine & Car Services 401-871-4757 .

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